#COWaterPlan: ‘The grand opening of the new Rattler’s Den was packed on Wednesday’ — Bette McFarren #COWaterPlan

Colorado Water Plan website screen shot November 1, 2013
Colorado Water Plan website screen shot November 1, 2013

From the Fowler Tribune (Bette McFarren):

The grand opening of the new Rattler’s Den was packed on Wednesday morning for the appearance of Gov. John Hickenlooper. If the participants were looking for a meaningful discussion of the Colorado Blueprint Bottom Up program, they were not disappointed. Gov. Hickenlooper started with compliments for the small town atmosphere (more oxygen here) and the progress at Fort Lyon, which he feels may be a pattern for repurposing facilities nationwide…

The big question the governor had been waiting for was posed by Otero County Commissioner Kevin Karney. What is being done about a water plan for Colorado? Hickenlooper believes the state should be divided into regions corresponding with large drainage areas, such as the Platte and the Arkansas. He thinks conservation is the tool for water management, helping the people in Denver realize the water they spend on lawns is better utilized growing crops to feed them. “The farmers are conserving, too,” he said, “finding more efficient ways to water the crops and make better use of the water. Water is precious.” He thinks a comprehensive water plan developed in Colorado could serve as a model for other water-challenged states.
When speaking of energy, the governor was enthusiastic about the Creative Energy program which would enable energy to be produced from waste tires. He is eager to see the way cleared for this development, which has been discussed in Otero County. The Creative Energy plant would produce no emissions, but export the gas produced…

The students present were thoughtful and engrossed in the discussion. Small Business Development Director Bill Dutro was present with his intern, Malika Hussan, a college graduate from Pakistan who is studying business at OJC to help her work with women to create their own businesses in Pakistan. The meeting went a long way toward validating the governor’s theory that in order to improve the economy, he needs go to the grassroots to find out what needs to be done and to construct useful programs.

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