The 2013 ‘State of the Rockies Report Card’ is hot off the presses #ColoradoRiver


Click here to go to the download page at Colorado College. Here’s an excerpt:

The Colorado River Basin, covering a major portion of the eight-state Rockies region and extending into Mexico, has been the unified focus for all parts to the State of the Rockies Project during summer 2011 and the 2011-12 academic year and again for summer 2012 and 2012-13 attention. This basin encompasses portions of seven states in the American Southwest and continues into Mexico, supplying water to households, communities, businesses and farms, as well as natural ecosystems. Roughly 40 million people rely on the river for water, energy, food, and healthy ecosystems. Climate studies indicate the potential for inadequate water supplies throughout the 1,700-mile river system from the ori- gins of the Green River high in Wyoming’s Wind River Range to its historic outlet over the Colorado River Delta, emptying into the Sea of Cortez. Along its twisted path arise majestic mountains, deep canyons, tributaries, and a wealth of flora and fauna. The basin is indeed a natural treasure of world- class caliber, but heavily threatened. We have dedicated two years of focus on the Colorado River Basin in order to help assure that the next generation inherits a natural and economic system as spectacular, diverse, and bountiful as has existed in the past, but is in transition today. The changes currently underway and those needed for the future must have new voices, especially those of today’s youth, for they will live with the results.

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