DARCA Annual Convention: From Drought to Deluge – Dealing with Uncertainty, February 26-28

St. Vrain River floodplain November 2013 via the Longmont Times-Call
St. Vrain River floodplain November 2013 via the Longmont Times-Call

From email from DARCA:

The DARCA Board and staff welcome your presence at the 12th Annual DARCA Convention in Longmont, February 26-28, 2014. Thirty speakers are scheduled for DARCA’s Annual Convention, From Drought to Deluge – Dealing with Uncertainty, and the event will focus on flood and recovery issues facing ditch companies along the Front Range. A wide variety of speakers have been invited, ones that have first-hand knowledge of the September storm event. Additional topics will include presentations on the Colorado Water Plan, the Endangered Species Act, and new developments for hydroelectric power generation. The director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, James Eklund, will be delivering the keynote address.

On the final day of the conference, DARCA will be convening a workshop on Water Efficiency Savings -The Ditch Company Perspective. Lately, there has been increased focus on finding new incentives to help ditch companies pay for upgrades to their aging infrastructure. The governor’s emphasis on protection of agricultural lands from buy and dry transfers of ag water and a better understanding in Colorado of the full value provided by ditch companies and irrigation are important first steps. These recognitions may not, however, be sufficient. This workshop will focus on legislative proposals that would allow ditch companies to realize value directly from their efficiency improvements. There are, of course, pros and cons to this approach that we hope to discuss at the workshop.

In order to properly understand ditch company needs and opportunities for structural efficiency improvement projects, Harry Seely, an economist from WestWater Research, will be sharing preliminary results from a project related to the potential economic, financial, and operational benefits from system modernization. While some of these benefits are relatively obvious to some, the wide array of financial benefits, reduced costs, and water security improvements are not well documented.

We have included a short survey that will help DARCA and WestWater Research better understand the complex issues related to water efficiency and economics. DARCA would like your input and if you have the time please fill out the enclosed survey and return it to me. You are welcome to give me a call and go over the survey on the phone. Another alternative is to drop it off at the registration table at the convention.

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