Fourth Custer County Water Forum, March 1

Wet Mountain Valley
Wet Mountain Valley

From The Wet Mountain Tribune (J.E. Ward):

The Fourth Custer County Water Forum will be held on Saturday, March 1 in the Multi-Purpose room at the high school. County extension agent Robin Young explained that the conference is important for everyone.

“We might have had a lot of moisture so far this year,” Young said, “but we are always in a water crisis. Colorado is in a longer drought cycle. Though the moisture now is helpful, it depends on the spring’s showers if we produce good crops this year or not.”

Not only is the Wet Mountain Valley waiting to see if those spring rains come, but the state is in a crisis because it gives water to 18 other states, including California. As of now, many cities in California are about to run out of water and still have not adopted any water regulations.

“It impacts us greatly,” Young said. “We have strict water regulations, but they don’t.”

Young explained that the state, and the Valley, have been in a drought since the early 2000s. Climatologists have said that snow levels must consistently be met to end the drought.

The water conference is free for people to attend, though lunch will cost $3.50 or $4. The conference will focus on “Water on the Land and in the Ground.”

There will be an Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District update, an update on water issues in Custer County, a balanced approach to tying water to the land, and the use of 1041 regulations by Huerfano County to protect water resources. Other lectures are also scheduled.

For pre-registration, contact the Custer County Conservation District office at 783-2481.

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