Report: Wyoming cloud seeding program said to increase snowpack


Click here to read the draft executive summary. Here’s an excerpt:

The Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program (WWMPP) was conducted to assess the feasibility of increasing Wyoming water supplies through winter orographic cloud seeding. Following a Level II feasibility study that found considerable potential for cloud seeding in the state (WMI 2005), the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) funded the WWMPP (2005-2014) as a research project to determine whether seeding in Wyoming is a viable technology to augment existing water supplies, and if so, by how much, and at what cost. The WWMPP then established orographic cloud- seeding research programs in three Wyoming mountain ranges considered to have significant potential: the Medicine Bow, Sierra Madre, and Wind River Ranges…

Orographic cloud seeding is a technology designed to enhance precipitation in winter storms with an inefficient precipitation process due to a lack of natural ice nuclei. This inefficiency allows supercooled water to persist for long periods instead of being depleted by ice crystals, which grow and fall as snow. This fact is well documented by the measurement of sustained supercooled liquid water in orographic clouds taken by aircraft and ground-based instruments, such as radiometers. In contrast to natural ice nuclei, artificial ice nuclei, such as silver iodide, will nucleate substantial numbers of ice crystals at subfreezing temperatures of −8 °C (+17 °F) and cooler, creating ice crystals in clouds that are typically too warm for natural ice formation. In the presence of supercooled water droplets, these ice crystals rapidly grow into larger particles that fall to the ground as snow. The technology of orographic cloud seeding uses ground-based generators to produce a silver iodide plume, which is then transported by the ambient wind into orographic clouds to increase precipitation. This process of seeding clouds to create additional snow is complex and to date has not been scientifically verified in well-designed statistical tests.

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