Colorado Corn just committed $101,595 to research projects, with the bulk spent on water-focused efforts

Here’s the release from Colorado Corn:

Colorado Corn allocates tens of thousands of dollars annually to research endeavors, and has already made sure 2015 will be no different.

Colorado Corn’s Research Action Team this month committed $101,595 to research projects, with the bulk of the funds spent on water-focused efforts. Following all-day meetings and presentations, Colorado Corn’s Research Action Team agreed to fund the following endeavors:

* $30,425, to Colorado State University’s Troy Bauder and Erik Wardle, for their “BMP Research and Demonstration” project, which, over the next two years, will monitor the effects of improved nutrient management methods commonly practiced by corn growers, to better understand the agronomic and water quality benefits from these practices. This is expected to be useful in a triennial review for the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission, helping quantify the good work producers are already doing in this area.

* $26,700, to Erick Carlson at CSU, to develop additional methods for reducing the deep percolation of nitrates into groundwater, through investigating the functioning of wetlands created by irrigation runoff.

* $25,000, to CSU’s Phil Westra and Scott Nissen, for various objectives at the Center for Ecology, Evolution & Management of Pesticide Resistance.

* $15,604, to Louise Comas with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, to create a tool that will help corn producers identify when their crop is going into stress, help estimate potential yield impacts of that stress, and help dry-land and irrigated producers assess potential effects from constraints in their water supply.

* $3,866, to Joel Schneekloth with the Colorado Water Institute, to study the impact of residue removal and tillage upon the soil characteristics important to crop production and crop-production economics.

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