January 28: Common Sense Solutions for the Colorado River — Drew Beckwith #ColoradoRiver

Colorado River Basin including out of basin demands -- Graphic/USBR
Colorado River Basin including out of basin demands — Graphic/USBR

From the Western Rivers Action Network:

With so much happening at the state and local levels with our Western Rivers work, you may be wondering what is happening with our rivers at the federal level. Some of you got a bit of teaser on that subject on last week’s webinar with our Arizona team and Brian Moore, Audubon’s Legislative Director who is keeping an eye on policy movements on rivers in DC. But for the rest of you, we will do another policy update webinar soon and include more of a federal component for the entire Colorado River Basin. Stay tuned for more information on that webinar. Also look for opportunities emerging soon for all of you to add your voices of support for federal funding programs that will aim to protect the Colorado and other important western rivers. And certainly there will be some proposals in Congress that we are tracking closely aimed at protecting—or in some instances harming—our precious rivers and water resources. We will be sure to give you every opportunity we can to weigh in on those measures as they become available for comment.

Mark your calendars Our webinar series continues this Wednesday, January 28 from noon to 1pm MST with Common Sense Solutions for the Colorado River presented by Drew Beckwith of Western Resource Advocates and our own Abby Burk of Audubon Rockies. This webinar will be valuable for anyone interested in hearing about what you can do to help protect the Colorado River. Whether you live in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona or elsewhere, you will get lots of great information from this engaging presentation. Advance registration is required.

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