The August 2015 ‘Headwaters Pulse’ is hot off the presses

Denver City Park sunrise
Denver City Park sunrise

Click here to read the current issue. Here’s an excerpt:

If Colorado’s population grows by adding another three to four million people at mid-century, changes will occur in how our land is used. Today’s population hovers at 5.3 million and a few million more residents means Colorado’s cities, suburbs and country estates will inevitably spill onto today’s farms and pastures.

But how will they spill? And how will Colorado’s existing towns and cities reinvent themselves? Those are among the questions as Colorado peers toward the bottom of its water bucket, trying to calculate how revised land use can help bridge the gap between water supplies and expectations… it’s a golden opportunity to rethink the way we grow in Colorado. Read the full story, “From the Ground Up” in the new issue of Headwaters magazine here.

More CFWE coverage here.

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