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Allen Best, a journalist in Colorado for 35 years, publishes an e-zine called Mountain Town News
Allen Best, a journalist in Colorado for 35 years, publishes an e-zine called Mountain Town News

My friend, Allen Best, writes in email earlier this week:

Inside this issue you will find what you’ve come to expect from Mountain Town News: A breezy overview of what’s happening and what’s being reported in mountain resort regions of the West, supplemented by a few, deeper stories.

One of those deeper stories in this issue originally appeared recently in Ski Area Management. The richly researched story examines the vulnerability of ski areas to rising temperatures. As I prepare to distribute this issue, a photo arriving by e-mail shows a fairyland in Aspen. The weather is delightful, especially for skiing. The climate? It’s more uneven but tilting against the economics of snow-based tourism and real estate.

And so it goes, as the late Kurt Vonnegut used to write. In every issue of MTN, you’ll find reporting that is both brief and deep in resort regions of the West. Your subscriptions keep me going. For individual subscribers, it’s about $2.50 per issue, the same as the Wall Street Journal purchased at a newsstand. Most institutional subscribers pay more, but the cost per individual reader is much less, perhaps less than what you throw in the tip jar for Starbucks baristas on your way out the door.

Here’s my problem. To avoid becoming a barista myself, I need more subscribers, more advertisers, or both, to make this work. MTN subscribers have been remarkably loyal, but I lose some every year, and too few new subscribers arrive to replace them.

“But why don’t you just put it on a website and then sell advertising?” Good idea — except who makes money on websites? It’s an expense, not income. I suppose I could start writing about the top 10 celebrities who are skiers or solicit advertising about how to make your skis thicker and longer. That’s not what I do. The logic of a free-access website is the same logic as a ski area that gives away lift tickets, intending to make its money by advertising. Know any of those?

You need MTN because it delivers an easy read that keeps you abreast of what is happening in Colorado and other mountain resort regions. It’s very affordable.

What YOU can do is persuade a friend, acquaintance or business associate that a MTN subscription has great value and delivers great value. And be sure to remind them that quality journalism like this does not come without great time and effort.

Also tell them if they liked this issue, they’ve probably missed a great many issues of value. And again, it’s a bargain — a cup of coffee per issue. Less, if you prefer the foo-foo drinks. Perhaps a former mayor or town manager, a county manager or local environmental non-profit?

I do ask for your assistance.

Allen Best


Allen is a great writer. I’ve linked to many of his water stories here on Coyote Gulch over the years. Please subscribe to The Mountain Town News.

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