Watering rules when we’re drought-free? You betcha.

Mile High Water Talk

5 things you should know about Denver Water’s 2016 summer watering rules.

By Jimmy Luthye

Watering rules at Denver Water date back to at least 1922. They’ve transcended droughts, wet periods, “normal” weather times, wars, a plethora of presidents, disco and three (!!!) Broncos Super Bowl championships.

And they continue this year, despite the glorious precipitation we’ve received thus far.

“We’re fortunate we’ve had a wet year so far, which means our water supply is in good shape,” said Mike King, Denver Water’s director of planning. “But in Denver, conservation is in our DNA, and that can never change. You never know when the next dry stretch may hit, but we know it’s coming.”

Indeed, as we’ve seen in Colorado, droughts are as difficult to predict as wet stretches. At Denver Water, we have to prepare for both.

With that, here they are: five things you should…

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