#Drought news: D1 shows up in SW corner of #Colorado

Click here to go to the US Drought Monitor website. Here’s an excerpt:


Shower and thunderstorm activity was scattered across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country, but in most places, moderate to heavy precipitation was not widespread enough to bring significant drought relief. Some exceptions included southwest New England and the lower Northeast, the central Appalachians and Piedmont, the lower Mississippi Valley, parts of the central Great Plains, the Black Hills and adjacent areas, southeast Arizona, and Hawaii. Heavy rains in the latter area were primarily associated with Tropical Storm Darby…

The Middle Mississippi Valley and the Plains States

Bands of heavy rain were not widespread, but did drop 2 to 7 inches of precipitation to areas where they set up, specifically the central tier of Nebraska, part of central and northern Missouri, part of central and southern Iowa, and upper southern Texas. Beneficial moderate to locally heavy precipitation dampened much of the Black Hills and adjacent Wyoming, the northeastern quarter of Oklahoma, and scattered small areas in both Kansas and Texas. This precipitation brought improvement to the areas that received the heaviest amounts, but also to the Black Hills and adjacent Wyoming, where 30-day totals were sufficient to bring improvement to some of the extant drought areas. In addition, dryness and drought changed in relatively small areas through the rest of the region, improving where isolated heavy rain was reported, and deteriorating in places where significant rain has not been observed for two or more weeks, at least…

The Rockies and West

Monsoon-related shower and thunderstorm activity affected much of Arizona and New Mexico, though totals exceeding 2 areas were limited in coverage. Light to moderate precipitation also fell on parts of central and eastern Montana, but in other parts of the West, seasonably dry and slightly warmer than normal conditions prevailed. With much of the monsoon season still to come, it seemed prudent to limit changes to the Drought Monitor in the Southwest to a relatively small area. Specifically, part of the D2 area was reduced to D1. Farther north, conditions worsened in parts of central and western Wyoming, but the no changes were brought into the rest of the region…

Looking Ahead

During the next 5 days (August 4 – 8), heavy precipitation (1.5 to locally approaching 6 inches) is expected along the central Gulf Coast, the central and northern Florida Peninsula, and the central and southern Carolinas. Farther west, similar amounts of rain are anticipated in a swath from eastern Arizona northeastward through Iowa and northern Missouri. Moderate amounts are forecast in the eastern Great Basin and northern Arizona, through part of the north-central Plains, and in the interior Southeast. Only a few tenths of an inch at best are expected elsewhere, with little or none falling on Texas and California.

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