Colorado River District Seminar: #ColoradoRiver Waves of the Future – Fitting the West to the River’s New Normal


Click here for all the inside skinny. From the Colorado River District website:

The Colorado River District’s popular one-day Annual Water Seminar is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at Two Rivers Convention Center, 159 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colo..
The theme is: “Colorado River Waves of the Future: Fitting the West to the River’s New Normal.” Cost, which includes lunch, is $30 if pre-registered by Friday, Sept. 9; $40 at the door. For information, contact Meredith Spyker. at 970-945-8522; seminar registration form 2016
Speakers will address the Lower Basin living within its water means and dealing with its “structural deficit,” how the Upper Basin is planning to deal with low levels at Lake Powell, sorting through the confusing programs addressing ag fallowing, a discussion of Use It or Lose It myths and a panel addressing what comes next after the Colorado Water Plan, especially with declining financial resources — plus more.

Draft agenda:

  • Temperatures Matter: Brad Udall, Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University
  • How the Lower Basin is Attacking the Structural Deficit: Speaker invited
  • How the Upper Basin is Attacking Low Water Levels at Lake Powell: Eric Kuhn, Colorado River District
  • Sorting through the Demand Management Weapons: Water Banking/System Conservation – who’s doing what: Dave Kanzer, Colorado River District
  • Lunch Program
  • Use it Or Lose It – Separating Truth, Myth and Reality: Justice Greg Hobbs
  • Colorado’s Water Plan – What now? Panel Discussion with Colorado Water Conservation Board’s James Eklund; Colorado Legislature Rep. Don Coram, Anne Castle, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment
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