NASA: July was hottest month in recorded history

Turn up the heat slowly via the Sierra Club
Turn up the heat slowly via the Sierra Club

From The Independent (Andrew Griffin):

The Earth just had the hottest month in recorded history, and it’s even worse than normal.

The record comes in a run of unprecedentedly hot months. Not only does it break through the all-time record set a year before, it also continues a now 10-month long streak of months that are the hottest ever according to Nasa data.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calculates temperatures slightly differently and has said that there have been 14 months of record-breaking temperatures. It hasn’t yet released its data for July.

But this one is even more worrying than those previous record-breaking months, since it comes as the effects of the El Nino subside. Scientists have previously said that some of the alarming data could be put down to the impact of that natural effect, which warms parts of the Pacific Ocean and as a result leads to an increase in the temperature across the world.

The new results are important “because global temperatures continue to warm even as a record-breaking El Nino event has finally released its grip”, said Georgia Tech climate scientist Kim Cobb.

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