Colorado Water: The importance of ditch riders —

Turning a handwheel, photo by Havey Productions via
Turning a handwheel, photo by Havey Productions via

From (Maya Rodriguez):

They are a big part of the Colorado Water story, with a long tradition in the state. Hundreds of ditch riders work every day to make sure needed water gets to farms and ranches, among other places.

In the quiet reflection of the morning is where ditch rider Randy Ebert does much of his work every day, to make sure a precious resource keeps flowing across Colorado.

“There’d be a lot of dry land around here without the water,” he said. “I mean, there’s a lot of it right now.”

He works for the Farmers Independent Ditch Company, which ensures water rights are properly administered to their clients through the flow of water.

“If they order water in, I open it up, give them their share of the water,” Ebert said…

“It’s really rewarding when you drive around and see the crops that you delivered water to and then the guys work hard to raise and they do a great job of it with what they have,” he said. “It’s really rewarding.”

For Ebert, it’s a reward in and of itself.

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