Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s New Executive Director, Jayla Poppleton! — Greg Hobbs

Sometimes you go
round and round,

search and search,
and come back



Greg Hobbs 1/11/2017

From email from Eric Hecox:

I am pleased to share the exciting news that the Colorado Foundation for Water Education has a new Executive Director, and we welcome our very own Jayla Poppleton into that leadership role.

Many of you know Jayla as the longtime editor of Headwaters magazine. As senior editor for Headwaters since 2009, Jayla’s vision, creativity, and dedication to excellence have made CFWE’s flagship publication an invaluable resource for Colorado’s water community. In addition to Headwaters, Jayla previously oversaw CFWE’s full suite of print and digital content. During her tenure with CFWE, Jayla has established a significant network in Colorado’s water community, building relationships with members and fostering partnerships and donor relationships. She has continued to play an increasingly valuable role in strategic organizational decisions for the Foundation.

Last year, Jayla completed the CFWE Water Leaders program, further developing her own leadership skills and also gaining insight into delivering that longstanding program at a superior level. Jayla brings the strong programmatic knowledge as well as the leadership and management qualities needed to uphold CFWE’s track record of delivering excellent programs that inform, engage and inspire Coloradans toward meaningful involvement with local and statewide water issues.

Jayla’s personal strengths combined with her passion for growing and equipping Colorado’s water stewards make her appointment as the new leader of CFWE a great opportunity for the Foundation and broader water community. Jayla brings a deep understanding and commitment to CFWE’s mission and has many thoughtful ideas for moving the Foundation forward strongly. I encourage you to reach out and meet Jayla if you haven’t already, and to share your thoughts about the future direction of CFWE. Jayla and the rest of the Foundation’s staff will be hosting an “open house” session at 9:00-9:30 am during the Wednesday workshops on Jan. 25 at Colorado Water Congress’ annual convention, which would be a great opportunity to stop by and say hello.

We are so excited to have Jayla in this role and look forward to working with her, in partnership with the water community, to usher in the next chapter of CFWE’s work to provide impactful water education in Colorado. Please join me in welcoming Jayla as CFWE’s new Executive Director!

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