@EPA #WOTUS regs expected this week — H2O Radio @H2OTracker

Colorado River headwaters tributary in Rocky Mountain National Park photo via Greg Hobbs.

Here’s a roundup of water news from H2O Radio. Click through to listen to the whole podcast, “This week in water.” Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

WOTUS Roll Back in Offing

And speaking of those strategies, it’s expected that this coming week the Trump administration will propose severe restrictions on which bodies of water are covered under the Clean Water Act and regulated by the EPA. The Intercept reports that the proposed definition of waters of the U.S., also called WOTUS, will eliminate protection for streams and wetlands that are not physically connected to larger waterways. One estimate shows that at least 60—and up to 90 percent of streams and wetlands would no longer be covered.

While the policy has not yet been released, leaked information says that streams which are wet only after rain events would be excluded and only wetlands that are adjacent and physically connected to other larger waters would be protected. Jane Goodman of the Cuyahoga River Restoration organization said that by lifting the protections for certain waterways, the administration was disregarding the science that shows their interconnectedness. She said, “It’s like keeping protections for your kitchen sink and for the sewer in the street but taking them away from all the plumbing in between.”

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