Eve of Independence Colorado On The Threshold — Greg Hobbs

Eve of Independence Colorado On The Threshold

Denver’s historic Four Mile House stands on the Smoky Hill/Cherokee Trail along Cherry Creek;

built in 1859 by brothers Samuel and Jonas Brantner — disappointed gold seekers turned to farmers —

who sold to Wisconsin widow Mary Cawker in 1860.

Single mother of two children, Cawker opened the Four Mile House as a stage station.

Native American plains tribes had camped and grazed their horses here since the 1600s.

Abraham Lincoln opposed the extension of slavery into the western states and territories.

Even before he took the oath of presidential office, slave states began to secede from the Union.

The Union Congress created Colorado Territory in February of 1861.

Lincoln’s credo, the Declaration of Independence, all persons are created equal,

entered into the Constitution through the Civil War Amendments — 13th, 14th, 15th.

Every Colorado evening stands on the threshold of the Declaration.

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Greg Hobbs 7/4/2019

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