#Runoff news: #Colorado Reservoirs filling and spilling

From The Denver Post (Chris Bianchi):

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) official survey, Colorado’s reservoirs are officially above-average levels, largely thanks to melted snow from a significantly above-average winter. As of the end of June, the NRCS statewide statistic placed reservoirs at 105 percent of average. That’s the first time statewide reservoir storage has been above average since May of 2018, according to NRCS data…

The situation has likely continued to improve since the end of June, though. According to Denver Water’s reservoir level statistics, more than half of the 11 reservoirs in their system are completely full, and all 11 are filled to at least 92 percent of capacity. Even with statewide reservoirs above average, they were at 76 percent of capacity at the end of June, according to the NRCS. Denver Water’s statistics may indicate that reservoir levels have continued to climb in July as snow remained on the ground deep into the summer…

Most of northern and central Colorado’s reservoirs are at or near capacity. The Yampa, White, Colorado and North Platte reservoir storage systems were at 92 percent or above.

But the biggest improvement from 2018 comes in southwestern Colorado, which was ravaged by drought and wildfires last summer. The San Juan reservoir storage areas were at full capacity at the end of June, nearly double last year’s levels. Hefty improvements were also noted in the Upper Rio Grande and Gunnison storage systems as well.

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