@COHighLineCanal: Stormwater Transformation and Enhancement Program (STEP) update

From The Highline Canal Conservancy:

The Stormwater Transformation and Enhancement Program (STEP) will bring a new life and a renewed utility to the High Line Canal as a green infrastructure system that provides for stormwater quality management.

The High Line Canal Conservancy is working with Denver Water, Mile High Flood District and local jurisdictions through STEP to advance stormwater solutions in the Canal for both existing and new conditions.

Two Main Goals of STEP

Plan for and implement stormwater management projects in the Canal that transform it into a stormwater management system.
Develop a collaborative management, maintenance, financial and operational model to advance stormwater projects in the Canal.
Any drop of water that falls into adjacent watersheds naturally drains toward the Canal. In some areas, stormwater already enters the Canal, while in other areas, stormwater is diverted away from the Canal. Diverting that stormwater toward the Canal and holding it there briefly (less the 72 hours) can provide many benefits.

Benefits to the Canal and region include:


  • Reduces the amount of pollution going into the waterways, improves water quality, boosts water cycle support, upholds flood management and allows for cleaner stormwater

  • Improves air quality, promotes carbon sequestration, increases wildlife diversity and abundance and reduces the urban heat island effect

  • Encourages healthy lifestyles, increases access, builds climate resilience, enhances human health and user experience and fosters stewardship
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