We Are Never Ready For Anything Anymore — @CharlesPPierce #ActOnClimate #KeepItInTheGround

Charles Pierce’s lede today in his weekly newsletter kills:

Someday in our dystopian half-life of a future, a sweaty and thirsty historian is going to work up the spit to write a long volume about how we of this generation manage to walk, sweltering and dust-tongued, through the accumulating evidence that we were allowing the planet to boil and burn.

He goes on to list reasons for voting this election:

We could’ve been ready for 9/11, but we weren’t. We could’ve been ready for the pandemic, but we weren’t. We are never ready for anything anymore. We don’t have the political will to get ready, and we’re too cheap to get ready for anything. We are never ready for anything anymore, because it’s become good politics to hold in contempt the ideas of the people who know what we need to do to get ready. We could’ve been ready for the climate crisis, and for all the crises arising from it, but we’re not because we don’t have the political will, won’t spend the money, and spend too much time listening to the angry and the loud.

Click through and read the whole thing.

Denver School Strike for Climate, September 20, 2019.

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