#Runoff news: #SanJuanRiver calls going senior

From The Pagosa Springs Sun (Chris Mannara):

As of June 10, water from Four Mile Creek has been turned off due to a call on the creek, leading to a drop in collective diversion flows, according to Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District Manager Justin Ramsey.

Last year, water from Four Mile was turned off on July 24, according to Ramsey in an interview on Monday.

“The average day that it’s turned off is June 13, the mean is June 15, so we’re not that far off,” he said. “It’s the mean. I’m not overly worried. I would prefer to keep it on. From here on out Hatcher is going to start dropping.”

According to a press release from Ramsey, total diversion flows are now at 4.3 cubic feet per second (cfs) due to the loss of the water from the Four Mile diversion.

Last week, total diversion flows were listed at 5.8 cfs.

This week, the West Fork diver- sion is still contributing 3 cfs and the San Juan diversion is adding another 1.3 cfs.

As of June 15, three local lakes are full, according to Ramsey’s press release. Stevens Lake, Lake Pagosa and Village Lake all remain full, as they were last week…

As of Wednesday, the San Juan River had a reported flow of 221 cfs, well below the average for June 17 of 1,260 cfs.

The highest reported flow total for the San Juan on June 17 came in 1995, when the river had a flow of 4,080 cfs.

The lowest reported flow total came in 2002, when the San Juan River had a flow of 41.4 cfs.

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