CWCB/IBCC: Updated Roadmap Memo from John Stulp and Jennifer Gimbel


Click here to read the memo sent to IBCC and CWCB members. Here’s an excerpt:

The process of identifying consumptive and nonconsumptive needs and moving forward with the implementation of identified projects and processes has been a significant accomplishment, and roundtables will continue to work with project proponents to support their implementation. The legislative charge of the Water for the 21st Century Act is to also identify projects and methods beyond those already planned by project proponents to meet Colorado’s gaps for municipal, industrial, agricultural, environmental, and recreational water needs.

Through your efforts, this work has begun to take shape. The IBCC and Basin Roundtables have concluded that the status quo will result in the transfer of too much agricultural water, which will negatively impact the state’s agricultural economy and the environment for many of our river basins. We have identified water supply options to meet our water supply future. The Basin Roundtables developed several portfolios that allowed us to understand the trade-offs and evaluate options. Using that work, the IBCC through a scenario planning process has begun to create an Adaptive Management Framework. The first element of this framework is a “No Regrets/Low Regrets Action Plan”. “No regrets/low regrets” actions could be taken in the near-term regardless of longer term future conditions (i.e. any future scenario that may arise).

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