‘It would be a lot easier for a change of use to occur without having to go back to water court’ — Rep Randy Fischer #COleg

Scales of Justice via Property Blogs
Scales of Justice via Property Blogs
From the Northern Colorado Business Report:

Northern Colorado lawmakers are planning a raft of legislation to aid businesses, including measures related to the rural renewable-energy standard, angel-investment and job-incentive tax credits, flexibility in renting water and business personal property tax refunds.

The bills are aimed at improving the economy, including helping startups and small businesses with an investment capital injection or flood recovery…

Another bill would let irrigation ditch companies rebuild their flood-damaged infrastructure without some approvals from a water court. That would expedite repair schedules to prepare for growing season.

“If we wait until end of the summer to get some of these projects going, we can’t afford to have our agriculture industry shut down because of lack of water,” [House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso] said…

Rep. Randy Fischer, D-Fort Collins, plans to introduce a bill that paves the way for authorization of a variety of uses for water without water court approval. Fischer’s bill would give farmers, for example, the ability to rent water for municipal or industrial uses without water court approval. Some kinds of water rights are limited in how the resource can be used.

The bill stems from Fischer’s work in the Water Resources Review Committee. Fischer also serves as chairman of the Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee.

“It would be a lot easier for a change of use to occur without having to go back to water court,” he said.

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