Watering restrictions not part of the picture this season

Statewide snowpack map March 27, 2014 via the NRCS
Statewide snowpack map March 27, 2014 via the NRCS

From KUNC (Nathan Heffel/Grace Hood):

Plentiful mountain snowpack means little to no mandatory watering restrictions across Northern Colorado and Denver for the 2014 summer.

Officials in Loveland and Fort Collins don’t anticipate adding watering limits, but the city of Greeley will still keep is three-day-a-week restrictions in place. Donnie Dustin, water resources manager for Fort Collins, said overall storage across the Colorado Big Thompson project is looking positive…

Meantime in Denver, Travis Thompson with Denver Water said they’re feeling very good about their resources…

While the water situation in Denver looks positive, Thompson said people still need to heed Denver Water’s slogan, “Use Only What You Need.”

“Drought or no drought, conservation is always key,” Thompson said.

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