Stormwater: Camp Creek mitigation pond working

Camp Creek channel via City of Colorado Springs
Camp Creek channel via City of Colorado Springs

From (Carl Winder):

The City of Colorado Springs has seen their flood project in Camp Creek go through hail, heavy rain and flash flooding. The good news is the water has stayed within the banks of the creek protecting people, but maintaining the flood project will not be cheap.

City Stormwater Engineer Tim Mitros said after the sediment and debris came down from last September’s floods, Camp Creek became a top priority for the city. A year later after the floods, Mother Nature put the flood project to the test. This time there is a pond to stop a majority of the debris, and a steady stream going through the Colorado Springs neighborhood near the creek…

He said if the sediment pond is full, about $100,000 will have to be spent to clean the pond, which will come from the city’s general fund.

Gary Rombeck lives in the neighborhood near Camp Creek. He said he took a look at the flood project saving his life, along with other people down stream; he said you can’t put a price on safety.

Mitros said the sediment removed from Camp Creek is put in North Douglas Creek, which is meant to slow down water during flooding.

The city wants to put another $4 million toward improving the Camp Creek flood project, but it’s waiting for the grant money.

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