The latest Glen Canyon Institute “Colorado River Lowdown” newsletter is hot off the presses #ColoradoRiver

Glen Canyon Dam Construction
Glen Canyon Dam Construction

Click here to read the newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

Last week the Bureau of Reclamation announced it will release 10% more water from Lake Powell to Lake Mead in an attempt to stave off lower basin shortages. Even with these releases, however, Lake Mead is projected to hover around its current low point of 1,080 ft. above sea level. In April 2015, after snow pack in the basin is assessed, the Bureau may choose to release an even greater amount of water.

The act of filling Lake Mead with water from Lake Powell sets a precedent for future water management in the Colorado River Basin. As Colorado River water becomes more scarce, prioritizing storage in Mead will emerge as the best means of water storage.

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