The latest climate briefing is hot off the presses from Western Water Assessment

Five-day QPF September 9, 2014 via NOAA
Five-day QPF September 9, 2014 via NOAA

Click here to go to the Western Water Assessment climate dashboard to view the current briefing (scroll down). Here’s an excerpt:


  • After mixed outcomes for precipitation in July, the summer ended on a wet note in August, with much of the region receiving over 200% of average precipitation for the month.
  • The vast majority of reservoirs across the region now have more storage than at the end of August last year. Reservoirs in Colorado and Wyoming are also ahead of the long-term average, while most reservoirs in Utah are below the long-term average.
  • The NOAA CPC monthly and seasonal outlooks are tilted towards wetter-than-average conditions for our region for the fall months.
  • While official ENSO indicators remain in neutral territory, an El Niño event is still expected to emerge this fall or winter.
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