Longmont councilors approve water rate increase

Water hauler early Longmont via the Longmont Times-Call
Water hauler early Longmont via the Longmont Times-Call

From the Longmont Times-Call (Karen Antonacci):

The city council also voted unanimously to pass an ordinance raising water rates with discussion asking the public to understand the decision.

Bagley said he received a couple of phone calls from concerned senior citizens of Longmont about raising the water rates and asked Barb McGrane from the city’s public works department for information about reduced rates for seniors.

McGrane replied that there is already a measure in place to help senior citizens with their water bill. Someone who qualifies for a certain tax or rental relief is eligible for the partial refund of their water bill as long as the application for the refund is made between Jan. 1 and April 15. More information for senior citizens is available at 303-774-4429.

Council Member Polly Christensen said she hopes the public realizes that with the rising cost of providing water, raising rates is a necessity.

“This is not just fun money,” Christensen said. “No one likes to raise taxes…but we have to fix pipes from 1970.”

Water rates in Longmont are proposed to rise an average of 9 percent a year and the rate structure collapsed from a five-tier plan to four tiers.

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