South Platte Roundtable meeting recap #COWaterPlan

South Platte River Basin
South Platte River Basin

From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Pamela Johnson):

The plan for the South Platte Basin, which covers all of Northern Colorado including tributary Big Thompson River, was discussed Tuesday at a public meeting in Loveland.

Members of the roundtable asked for public input on their plan to protect and balance all the interests in Colorado water within the law and the water rights structure.

The plan so far calls for creating new, multiuse projects that pull water from diverse sources, expanding conservation and reuse of water, exploring the use of groundwater and aquifer storage and stopping the old practice of “buy and dry” up agricultural water and land.

Livermore resident Zach Thode urged the board to delve beyond what they have already studied and, through a regional innovation group, offered to help.

“We have to come up with new ideas, or we will always end up in the same place,” said Thode. “I don’t see anything new and exciting in here. I don’t think this is steering us away from the path that we were already on. I encourage you to look at innovation.”

Eastern Colorado resident Gene Kammerzell offered one suggestion for a new path: Make sure landscapers adequately prepare soil before installing trees, grasses and plants. This simple act, said the man who serves on a groundwater coalition, could cut municipal water use by 20 percent.

Members of the roundtable encourage additional public comment before the final plan in completed by April 17. More information on the plan, future public meetings and how to comment is available online at

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