Landscape Water Conservation at Northern Water and the Conservation Gardens Fair

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Lyndsey Lucia

H Southwest Northern Plants 120 In Northern Water’s Xeriscape plaza, visitors can see this southwest landscape.

Water conservation is an important topic in Colorado. We live in a semi-arid climate with significant oscillations in annual precipitation and the threat of drought always looming.

The majority of water use in urban areas occurs on landscapes. This is where Northern Water, along with many other water providers in Colorado, focuses its conservation attention and studies.

The Conservation Gardens at Northern Water is an outdoor laboratory that demonstrates landscape and irrigation best management practices. The gardens showcase a turf grass study, demonstration garden, Xeriscape plaza and other educational pieces where interested water users can browse and learn about different conservation methods.

The demonstration garden aims to educate industry professionals, water conservation specialists and the general public about landscape water conservation. The garden helps homeowners and professionals understand three basic elements for a water conserving landscape:

  • Achieving…

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