CMU: 23rd Annual Children’s Water Festival recap


From KKCO (Carly Smith):

About 2,500 Fifth graders from all over Western Colorado flooded Colorado Mesa University for the 23rd Annual Western Colorado Children’s Water Festival.

“Water is an important resource because we wouldn’t be here without it,” Micah Smidt, geotechnical engineer, said.

Water conservation was a key subject at this year’s water festival.

“While it may be a rainy season this year, five years from now, we could be in a drought,” water resources engineer, Tracy Onowen said.

If Colorado is in a drought that means several other states downstream from our rivers are in trouble as well.

“The kids are not only learning about the value of water here in the state of Colorado, but also downstream to our neighboring states,” Joseph Burtard said.

Burtard is the Ute Water Conservancy District external affairs manager. He is the master mind behind the planning the event.

He wanted to make sure the students had the opportunity to experience three key things, higher education, hands on learning, and water careers.

The festival took place at Colorado Mesa so students as young as fifth grade can become excited about college.

“The third goal that we utilize when planning this event is to kind of introduce the students to water related careers. Whether it’s a firefighter or a water resource engineer,” Burtard said…

Water is an important part of everyday life. Organizers hope students leave ready to protect our greatest resource for the rest of their lives.

“Information that I think they’ll remember in years to come because it is filled and blended with the fun,” Taylor Elementary teacher, Cindy Cooper said.

Conservation can be as easy as turning off your faucet while you brush your teeth.

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