Are millennials less aware than everyone else about water?

Mile High Water Talk

Maybe not, according to our very unscientific poll. But like many of us, a little more education wouldn’t hurt.

By Tyler St. John and Dave Gaylinn

As a member of the much-maligned millennial generation, I took it a bit personally when a recent state-wide water quality survey suggested that 20-somethings lack a firm understanding of water issues in Colorado.

I’m very conscious of the ire my generation seems to draw from the rest of the populace on a host of issues, not just water. We’re too self-absorbed, people say. Too concerned with views to our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I personally think that’s absurd, so I happily took on my toughest assignment to date at Denver Water: Hit the streets, find some millennials and ask them some basic questions about water.

And pray they came through for me.

This was hardly scientific; I couldn’t disprove the research results, which found…

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