Grand Lake garners support for Outstanding National Resource Water designation

Happy New Water Year!

From the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce via the Sky-Hi Daily News:

Outstanding Grand Lake (OGL), a sustainability arm of the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce, has started initial meetings with the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission as they move forward on a three-year timeline toward Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW) designation.

In November, the Town of Grand Lake voted unanimously to support the designation of Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake to Outstanding National Resource Water status. This would move Grand Lake into the same classification of other highly regarded bodies of water, such as Lake Tahoe in California.

The OGL Committee also met with Keep Tahoe Blue, the League to Save Tahoe, in November, and were encouraged to hear that ONRW boosted both the environmental and the economic success of the lake.

Executive Director for the League, Darcie Goodman Collins, reported that there were no negative impacts on the Lake Tahoe businesses or on new development, with the community fully supporting the designation.

Grand Lake will have further discussions with Lake Tahoe to implement best practices from their community.

In December, OGL has been contacted by the Sonoran Institute in Denver to collaborate with San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico to bring attention to the Colorado River and its epic journey downstream. This will include the building of a park on the Front Range that illustrates where the headwaters transverse from above Grand Lake, through the delta to reach the ocean.

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