BLM seeking input for E. #Colorado Resource Management Plan

Browns Canyon via

Click here to view the information from the Bureau of Land Management website.

The BLM is seeking public input through May 5, 2017, on the Preliminary Alternatives Report and Draft Basis for Analysis for the Eastern Colorado Resource Management Plan (ECRMP). The BLM is also seeking public input on the Preliminary Evaluation of Potential ACECs and Draft Wild & Scenic River Suitability Report.

From the Public News Service (Eric Galatas);

Josh Kuhn, wilderness and public lands organizer for Conservation Colorado, says he hopes the agency will protect the most pristine acres for future generations, and warns if the landscape is altered people could head someplace else to spend their outdoor-recreation dollars…

Kuhn adds the plan will also cover Badger Creek, the red-rock outcrops in Red Canyon, Echo Canyon, and rare wetland fens known for their biodiversity along Reinecker Ridge in South Park. The agency is kicking off a series of public hearings Tuesday in Denver, Fairplay on Wednesday, Salida on Thursday and next week in several other locations, including Colorado Springs.

Kuhn notes a wide range of stakeholders, including extraction industries, are likely to bend the BLM’s ears on how to make use of these public lands over the next 20 to 30 years. He says there’s an opportunity for members of the public to help preserve key areas that remain wild and virtually untouched…

Public comments can also be submitted online through the BLM’s website. The deadline for input is May 5.

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