The CCWCD April 10, 2017 Newsletter is hot off the presses

Orr Manufacturing Vertical Impact Sprinkler circa 1928 via the Irrigation Museum

Click here to read the newsletter from the Central Colorado Water Conservation District. Here’s an excerpt:

2017 Pumping Quota Set

The CCWCD Board announced the 2017 Pumping Quota at the annual Member Meeting held at the Island Grove 4H Building on March 23. GMS 55% and WAS 55%. GMS say an increase of 5% from last year making it the highest since 2004. Prior to 2004 GMS had no pumping restrictions. WAS members have seen an increase from a 5% quota in 2013 to 55% during the 2016 growing season and again for the 2017 growing season.

The annual assessments paid by the Groundwater Management Subdistrict (GMS), the Well Augmentation Subdistrict (WAS) and bond funds from the 2012 election are used to purchase new water storage facilities and purchase water shares that will help our augmentation plans. To date, CCWCD has purchased 631 acre feet of senior water rights and 8,724 acre feet of storage related project using the 2012 bond funds. The Hokestra Reservoir Complex near Firestone is being purchased from Weld County using member’s annual assessments. Hokestra will increase GMS water supplies by 1,100 acre feet.

The CCWCD Board is dedicated to building a water supply to accommodate both augmentation plans. To read more on our projects please visit our website at http://CCWCD.ORG.

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