Water Values Podcast: Prize Winning Water Innovators & The Problems They Are Solving

From The Water Values (David McGimpsey):

Episode TWV #100!!! Three prize winning water innovators from around the globe come on The Water Values Podcast to describe their innovations, the problem they sought to solve and how their innovations solve those problems. These innovators are based in Europe, Nepal and Uganda, so we really spanned the globe for you on this episode. Ku McMahan (from TWV #059) also returns to provide a quick introduction as to how Securing Water For Food chose these innovators as their prize winners. It’s a great study in innovation and problem solving by first examining the problem and they crafting solutions to remedy the problem.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Securing Water For Food and what it does
  • How silicone helps plants increase crop yields
  • How silicone makes for hardier plants
  • Why silicone is so difficult to get into plants
  • How NewSil solved the problem of getting silicone into plants
  • Why Nepal, a land of 6,000 rivers, has trouble providing irrigation to riparian lands capable of being farmed
  • How aQysta developed a water wheel that allows previously non-irrigated land along rivers to become irrigable
  • Why digesters in Africa are abandoned so quickly after installation for lack of sufficient water
  • How Green Heat figured out how to reduce water use in digesters and produced a valuable byproduct along the way
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