Gov. Hickenlooper says #Colorado will #ActOnClimate and join #USClimateAlliance

Here’s the release from Governor Hickenlooper’s office:

Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed an executive order committing the state to climate action. He also announced that Colorado will join the U.S. Climate Alliance.

“Coloradans value clean air and clean water. Our strong economy is a reflection of how our exhilarating outdoors attracts young entrepreneurs and the talent they need for their businesses,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “The vast majority of our residents, and indeed the country, expect us to help lead the way toward a clean and affordable energy future. In this process, we no doubt can address climate change while keeping a priority on household budgets.”

The executive order declares it to be the goal of the State of Colorado to achieve the following:

  • Reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions by more than 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2025;
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector by 25 percent by 2025 and 35 percent by 2030 from 2012 levels; and
  • Achieve electricity savings of two percent of total electricity sales per year by 2020.
  • Colorado also is committing to:

  • Work strategically with any interested utility or electric cooperative on a voluntary basis to maximize use of renewable energy without increasing costs to taxpayers;
  • Create a statewide electric vehicle plan by January 1, 2018;
  • Develop a greenhouse gas emissions tracking rule through the Department of Public Health and Environment;
  • Identify opportunities to partner with local governments on locally-led climate resilience actions;
  • Institutionalize the state’s greening government initiative;
  • Formalize and expand upon cross-agency actions to provide economic development strategies and other supportive services to communities impacted by the changing energy landscape, and submit a written annual report detailing those efforts and accomplishments;
  • Incorporate the emissions reductions goals into the Colorado Climate Plan and solicit stakeholder input regarding additional measures or strategies to advance these goals.
  • To view the complete executive order, click here.

    From DenverRite (Andrew Kenney):

    Gov. John Hickenlooper announced Tuesday that Colorado will join the U.S. Climate Alliance — a coalition of states pledging to uphold the climate goals of the Paris Agreement after President Donald Trump withdrew the country from the agreement — and that by executive order, he will create a specific goal for carbon reduction.

    Hickenlooper spoke about Colorado and its relationship to the climate at a news conference today at Red Rocks.

    “The order sets concrete, measurable goals for the state,” he said.

    Specifically, Colorado will try to cut greenhouse gases by 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2025, and cut carbon from the electricity sector by 25 percent compared to 2012 by 2025 and 35 percent by 2030…

    Hickenlooper said that a new electric vehicle plan to be created next year could link into nationwide plans to create a better electric infrastructure network. “You’ll be able to drive an electric car from Colorado to the Pacific and from Denver to Moffat County without fear.”

    “We can no longer rely on what happens or doesn’t happen in Washington DC. … We need to have state leadership,” Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan said in introducing Hickenlooper.

    From Western Resource Advocates:

    Governor Hickenlooper announced an Executive Order that sets Colorado on a course to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2025, exceeding actions established by the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Today Governor Hickenlooper announced an Executive Order that sets Colorado on a course to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2025, exceeding actions established by the Paris Climate Agreement. The Order includes goals for the utility sector and our buildings, and it advances clean electric cars.

    Jon Goldin-Dubois, President of Western Resource Advocates, made the following statement in response:

    “Governor Hickenlooper’s action today on climate continues to show the West and the world that Colorado can reduce our carbon pollution while keeping our electricity rates low, growing our economy and building new clean energy sectors that have already created tens of thousands of good paying jobs. Colorado has led in addressing climate change before with the state’s Renewable Energy Standard, the Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act and state methane rules—and now we will continue to show that the Colorado way protects our health, our environment and our economy. The Governor’s leadership in reducing emissions in our state, joining with other states across the country through the Climate Alliance, demonstrates that we take climate impacts very seriously. Longer and hotter droughts, severe storms, flooding and increased wildfires are too harmful to stand by and do nothing.

    “We praise Governor Hickenlooper for his leadership in setting strong and measurable actions addressing climate change and ensuring Colorado acts to achieve needed greenhouse gas reductions. This shows that our state joins with other countries and states heeding the advice of the world’s scientists on what is necessary to avoid 2 degrees Celsius in warming. We know from the Western States Survey conducted by Colorado College and released in 2017 that two-thirds of Colorado voters believe dependence on fossil fuels is a problem and a majority want to see more solar and wind power. The Governor is representing our citizens well in taking clear action to clean our air. We urge President Trump and other Governors, mayors and elected leaders to take heed and follow suit in immediately taking effective action.”

    From Real Vail (David O. Williams):

    Fast forward to July of 2017. Donald Trump is president, the CPP is dead, the EPA has been gutted, Trump is pulling the United States out of the Paris accords, and Hickenlooper on Tuesday announced an executive order reducing Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent by 2025, exceeding the targets of the Paris accords.

    The order focuses on the state’s utility sector and energy efficiency in Colorado buildings, and it accelerates the state’s move toward electric cars. Now Hickenlooper is receiving some praise from the conservation community…

    The U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of 13 states and Puerto Rico committed to meeting the goals of the Paris agreement. Conservation Colorado issued this statement:

    “Times like these demand decisive action, and we are pleased to see Governor Hickenlooper join the burgeoning movement among states, cities, and businesses to tackle climate change,” said Pete Maysmith, executive director of Conservation Colorado. “The actions that the governor has announced will not only help us fight climate change, but will bring clean energy jobs and business innovation to the Centennial State. With today’s announcement, President Trump has become even more isolated from the world, whose leaders are taking aggressive action to fight climate change. We are excited to work with Governor Hickenlooper to meet or exceed all of these important targets.”

    From the Associated Press via the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

    Colorado’s Democratic governor has added his state to a dozen others endorsing the Paris global accord on climate change as President Donald Trump withdraws the nation from the agreement.

    Gov. John Hickenlooper said Tuesday the state would also set a goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions from electrical generation while keeping energy affordable, citing cheap natural gas and declining costs of wind and solar power.

    He says Colorado will reduce vehicle pollution by adding charging stations for electric cars and use state-owned buildings to showcase energy efficiency.

    Hickenlooper acknowledged that at least some Republicans would oppose his plan but predicted many would come around because of lure of job creation in renewable energy.

    He says the state is already working to help communities replace lost jobs in the coal industry.

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