Book Review: Water Is For Fighting Over

Parting the Waters

First of all- I’ve always had an outstanding complaint against the world’s headline writers. The water world, especially, is filled with headlines writing checks the content never intended to cash. A journalism grad student friend of mine once reminded me, sheepishly, that editors write headlines. I now see that the complaint extends to book editors writing titles.

9781610916790 Courtesy Island Press

Having met John Fleck once or twice, I know that his biggest gripe is the power of narrative divorced from facts. “Lawns are Huge Wastes and a Problem” and “Las Vegas is a Huge Waste and a Problem” are powerful contenders, but the true champion Narrative is, and has always been “Water is For Fighting Over.” Knowing this Narrative, I actually groaned when Fleck (Professor Fleck?) announced that the title of his book was… wait for it… Water is for Fighting Over… with the cheeky subtitle And Other Myths…

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