@WaterValues podcast: A Different Approach to Ag Water and Soil Health with Jimmy Emmons

Click here to listen to the podcast:

Jimmy Emmons, a 3rd generation Oklahoma farmer, describes the benefits of no-till farming combined with a soil health program. Jimmy explains how no-till farming uses less water, fits within the natural water cycle and reduces nutrient run-off and soil loss. You will be amazed as Jimmy explains the results of his conversion of his farmland to the no-till method with soil healthy practices.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Jimmy’s background and why he switched to no till farming
  • The natural water cycle on the prairie
  • Why cover crops are an important piece of the ag water puzzle
  • Why and how traditional farming method practitioners view cover crops
  • How yields are impacted by the conversion to no till farming and soil health practices
  • How farm equipment manufacturers are reacting to the increased use of no till farming
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