Little Thompson Water District wins AWWA #Colorado Section taste test

Map via the Little Thompson Water District

From The Greeley Tribune (Tyler Silvy):

Sample No. 5, we’d find out later, was from Little Thompson, and it is this year’s winner, folks.

Here’s how it went:

Eight samples are set in front of you on numbered coasters. You’re given a sheet to rate each sample 1-10, with 10 being the best-tasting water on this earth and 1 being the opposite of that.

Other than that, there wasn’t much in the way of instruction.

So I briefly tasted each sample, starting at No. 8 and working my way down while making little marks along the way. Then I tasted the ones I marked poorly again, again working my way toward the ones that caught my attention in a good way.

A final taste of my top three yielded a winner — at least in my book.

But then there was a final round, then there was a tie, and each of those things caused more water to be consumed and so I can really see now why the folks running the competition recommended a pre-competition restroom break.

Greeley, which won last year’s competition, didn’t enter this year’s competition. It didn’t have to. Consider it a first-round bye thanks to the city winning the national championship last year.

Aurora came in second and Louisville took third. Little Thompson will go on to the national competition next, as Greeley attempts to defend its title.

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