#Colorado #Snowpack ‘Just Okay’ According To State Climatologists — CBS #Denver

Colorado snowpack sub-basin filled map April 6, 2022 via the NRCS.

Click the link to read the article on the CBS Denver website (Spencer Wilson). Here’s an excerpt:

“(The) snowpack is fairly decent,” Assistant State Climatologist Becky Bolinger said. “I wish it were a little bit better. I would feel more comfortable if we were, you know, above average at this point. But we’ve been keeping along with average a little bit, lagging behind occasionally, but then getting up there.”

You can check the models from the Colorado Climate Center here https://climate.colostate.edu/co_cag/index.html

Bolinger said the focus now becomes making sure there’s an even temperature for the snowpack to melt, if it melts too quickly, we could lose some of that hard-earned moisture. More late-season snowstorms would be good too… but not if it’s too stormy.

Westwide SNOTEL basin-filled map April 5, 2022 via the NRCS.

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