@CoCoRAHS Celebrating 25 Years!

Click the link to read Nolan Doesken’s message on the CoCoRAHS website:

Fort Collins, Colorado — June 17, 2023

Greetings to all CoCoRaHS Volunteers,

Today marks a significant milestone in the history of our network. On this very day in 1998 our website began accepting data from a few dozen volunteers in and around Fort Collins, Colorado.  The internet was still young, and “logging in” to enter data was something brand new to many of us.  Back then, little did we know how CoCoRaHS would grow and flourish over the years.

So, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”, today, the governor of Colorado is declaring June 17, 2023 as “CoCoRaHS Day”!  On our 25th anniversary we’ve watched 95,000 stations come and go, with about 26,000 active stations currently submitting data.  Each day our database grows into something larger than we’ve ever handled before, and we are currently sitting on a precipitation database with around 70 million records.

Rain or shine, you have ventured outside to measure all types of precipitation, faithfully recording the data that forms the backbone of our network. Your commitment has made CoCoRaHS what it is today, and I am immensely grateful for your contributions.

Russ Schumacher, the new state climatologist that replaced me when I retired, wrote a nice article about our anniversary with some neat maps showing the growth over the years, and a link to view the Governor’s Proclamation.

Please follow our Message of the Day, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary by reviewing some of the benchmarks throughout our history.

Or sing along in this quick video with myself and a couple of staff members to celebrate with my favorite cake – a boston creme pie!

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