Colorado lifts storage restriction at Cucharas Reservoir



Two Rivers Water & Farming Company ( announced today the storage restriction on the Cucharas Reservoir has been removed. The storage restriction had been on the Reservoir since July 1988. Two Rivers Water and Farming Company was able to complete the restoration with a loan from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Removal of the restriction is the first step in fulfilling the Colorado State Engineers Dam Safety Office compliance plan for the Reservoir. The restored reservoir can now hold up to 10,000 AF of water. Two Rivers expects to completely rebuild the reservoir in the near future and restore its full storage capacity. The Cucharas Reservoir has an absolute right to store 31,956 AF of water and a conditional right to store 34,404 AF when rebuilt.

Two Rivers currently has the right to store in excess of 70,000 AF in four separate reservoirs and is in the process of developing as much as 25,000 AF of additional storage capacity on the Arkansas River. The storage is part of a rotational farm-fallowing program being developed by Two Rivers to expand its vegetable farm production and more efficiently use water amongst water users in Pueblo County, Colorado. Two Rivers is currently in discussions with Pueblo Board of Water Works and Colorado Springs Utilities, as representatives of the Recovery of Yield Group, whereby the parties would collaboratively develop reservoir space and develop lease agreements to permit the use of return flows for irrigation and augmentation purposes.

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