Snowpack news: Dillon Reservoir will probably not fill this year #codrought #cowx


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

Denver Water officials say there’s a glimmer of hope that Dillon Reservoir might fill, or come close to filling, this summer if there’s above average snowfall for the next few weeks. Under a wet-weather scenario, there’s a 94 percent chance the reservoir could fill sometime in late June or early July, when storage is expected to peak. With average spring precipitation, chances of the reservoir filling are about 68 percent; with dry weather, the odds are less than 50-50, according to Denver Water’s Bob Peters, who released the outlook for Dillon Reservoir operations last Friday (March 22). All the projections can be affected by variable weather, including spring rain and temperatures…

Denver Water has been diverting water from Dillon Reservoir via the Roberts Tunnel all winter, and some local residents may be surprised at the water level when the ice melts. By the end of March, the elevation of the reservoir will be about 30 feet below full…

The water level should start rising in April when spring runoff starts. Under the average precipitation scenario, Denver Water expects the reservoir level to peak sometime in June at about 9,002 feet, which is still 15 feet below full pool. By the end of summer, the water level would be back where it is now…

With less than average precipitation, Denver Water projects that Dillon Reservoir would only rise about six feet from its current level by June, then start dropping again in July. By the end of the summer, the reservoir could be five feet lower than it is now.

From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Jessica Maher):

More than 8 inches of snow fell on Loveland during a weekend storm that combined with freezing temperatures to make roads especially dicey. The Front Range received anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of accumulation, most of it early Saturday morning, according to Kyle Fredin, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Boulder.

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