Secretary Jewell to speak at the #ColoradoRiver Water Users Association 2013 Annual Conference on Friday

Las Vegas circa 1915
Las Vegas circa 1915

From the Public News Service (Troy Wilde):

U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will address the future of the Colorado River at a meeting in Las Vegas Friday. Jewell is scheduled to speak at the Colorado River Water Users Association 2013 Annual Conference at Caesars Palace.

Scott Huntley, public information manager with Southern Nevada Water Authority, says those at the conference are working together to address an ongoing water shortage. “Unless the states on the river cooperate there is really no chance of being able to weather droughts or shortages such as we have been facing – or potentially could face in the future, near future,” he explains.

From Inland News Today:

Water watchers say the drought is beginning its 14th year. And, the consequences for Southern California are looming.

Those attending a conference of Colorado River water users in Las Vegas were warned Wednesday that shortages could appear as soon as 2017.

Much of Southern California relies on Colorado River water. Spokesman Bob Muir of the Metropolitan Water District says supplies were impacted in 2003.

“Our Colorado River water supplies were almost cut in half. Since then, we’ve been investing money to refill the aqueduct that was left half-empty. The reason supplies were cut off was because it was the beginning of the drought,” Muir said.

Experts say that changes in water management will be stepped up unless there’s a sustained improvement in rain and snowfall.

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