Take a look at spin-cast lining technology for water pipe repair

A former colleague of mine, Terry Baus, is showing off technology for lining pipe. Here’s his pitch:

The YouTube video that follows shows a pipe lining demonstration performed by TW Summit Corporation at the May 29, 2014 American Water Works Association Rocky Mountain Section Water Distribution Committee Workshop hosted by the City of Westminster. The spin-cast lining technology provides a permanent, structural, non-toxic, hydrophilic (can be applied to a wet surface), fast-drying, trenchless solution for reconstructing, rehabilitating and renewing potable and no-potable water conveyance systems. The lining will provide “a new pipe”, prevent exfiltration and infiltration and take the “next step” in addressing a technology void providing another much needed tool for repairing Colorado’s and the nation’s aging and leaking water infrastructure. To coin a phrase: a picture, in this case a YouTube video, is worth a thousand words. Please watch and assess for yourself how this technology may further assist us all in sealing and providing for permanent structural repairs in Colorado’s water infrastructure systems.

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