Poem: I’ve Seen the Mountains Falling — Greg Hobbs

“Not all who wander are lost,” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Greg Hobbs can’t help himself. He’s a restless soul and must get to the Colorado Mountains often. Click on a thumbnail below to view a gallery of photos from one of his latest wanderings.

Below is the poem Greg include in his email yesterday accompanying the photos:


I’ve seen the mountains falling,
heard the mighty canyons ring
with Colorado thunder
and clear blue mountain streams,
I’ve seen the nights grow brighter
and the days just shine in gold,
been looking for El Dorado
in the mountain of my dreams.

I hear the eagles calling,
see torches in the sky,
went off to Colorado,
had a gleaming in my eye,
there I found my measure
was a bird upon the wing
and the mountains’ greatest treasure
is the way the aspen sing.

I guess you might get crazy
thinking you’re going to die,
you drive your body pounding,
waste beauty on your way,
you turn your only fortune
into gambling your life away,
when El Dorado’s being
on a Colorado Day.

I wish I’d seen the world,
been a woman and a man,
felt the grip of dry starvation
and sailed the Rio Grande,
I’d be a farmer, mountaineer,
write a book about the mind,
but lay me down a fossil
in Colorado land.

(Justice Greg Hobbs Colorado Mother of Rivers, Water Poems
at 25, Colorado Foundation for Water Education 2005).

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