The Last Line of Defense

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Elaine Hassinger, Water Quality Specialist, Tri-County Health Department

We’ve all learned about the water cycle in school, but most of us probably never think about another way that water cycles throughout our cities and towns, or about the people who make that cycle happen twenty-four hours a day, three hundred-sixty five days a year.


The other water cycle occurs through an intricate system of sanitary sewers, wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants and drinking water distribution systems; all of which are interconnected to either surface water or groundwater sources.  The people at the forefront who make the cycle happen are drinking water and wastewater plant operators.

Drinking water plant operators make sure the water we drink has been treated to meet all regulatory standards for public health.  Wastewater operators make sure the water we have used is sufficiently treated for release back into waterways. The job these workers…

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