The value of landscaping and efficient landscapes

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img_5964As Colorado’s colorful foliage turns gold this fall, it’s easy to relish in the mountain beauty, or—for those of us who live in the state’s urban areas—to appreciate the aesthetics of landscaping. But when important discussions about water conservation arise, urban landscapes get a lot of flack, and for good reason. During Colorado’s summers, lawns, trees and gardens consume the majority of water delivered to residences, with many municipal water suppliers citing urban lawn watering and irrigation as the single largest demand on their supplies.

Water efficient landscaping and irrigation technology is crucial to securing our state’s water future, and at the same time urban landscapes are valuable, as Kristen Fefes, executive director of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) writes:

Trees, grass and plants don’t just look good, they have important jobs—enhancing our environment, increasing property values, and improving our health and quality of life. As Colorado braces for future water…

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