James Eklund (@EklundCO) — Greg Hobbs

Here’s a tribute to James Eklund from Coyote Gulch friend Greg Hobbs:

James Eklund

Dear James,

You’ve served Colorado well!
I’ve seen you grow and lead in each of these:

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office;
The Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel;
Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board;
Colorado’s Representative to the Upper Colorado River Commission;
Board Member of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education

When you were in the Attorney General’s Office, I especially recall working with you to draft the introduction to the first edition of the Citizen’s Guide to Colorado’s Interstate Compacts (Colorado Foundation for Water Education 2010).

When you were legal counsel to Governor John Hickenlooper, you borrowed the Colorado Supreme Court’s Water Library conference room as you crafted his Executive Order directing the Colorado Water Conservation Board to coordinate preparation of Colorado’s Water Plan.

You became Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board to help so many others formulate that plan. I’ll never forget seeing you with the Governor and the members of the CWCB at the Colorado History Museum celebrating the plan while Kate McIntire and Travis Smith sang and danced a storm.

Across this state and interstate you’ve given, given, and given again what it means to be a Coloradan in service to the peoples of the western rivers;

In praise of the Mother of Rivers, our fair Colorado, Congratulations!

May all you are, and all you have to bring to those who need your help and guidance, continue to grow and be well, you and your family!

Greg Hobbs

Photo credit Greg Hobbs
Governor Hickenlooper salutes James in gathering at the Eklund home, March 31, 2017. Photo credit Greg Hobbs.

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